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Built with Rusts Rocket framework, because I hate myself. Jk, Rust is great. Deployed on Fly.io and using JetBrains spaces for CI/CD.

Previously deployed on Linode using a self hosted Team City for CI/CD.

Alex Life

Me in Southern WV

Check out more about me if you want.

Some of my projects ordered from newest to oldest.

Liberty Street Church

Church site that I built in Python/Django

Cairo Outdoors

A small site for a local business that I frequent.

Rippling Waters Camp

Built for a campground in WV.

Student Data Warehouse

A project completed through an internship at WVUP.


FreeCell built with Java/GWT.

TimeSheet Appliction

TimeSheet built in C# .net core for a CS class.


Pokedex built in HTML, CSS, and vanilla JS.